150708_DE_Wearth-placement33With WEARTH, we create the first global sculpture, i.e. we intend to enable a better communication about complex values.  E.g., WEARTH helps us getting the sensation of space with the precision of all your physical capacities of interaction, of the sound each different body is capable of evoking, and among other things, to show us all the millions of color shades that we can perceive. Listening to and writing down the stories of each single co-creator, by portraying them and their placements in image, and witnessing to their (inter-) actions with the means of the motion picture will bring us a collection of different perspectives, options on and about the sculpture we inhabit and that is the base of our existence: Earth.

If you add an uncountable or very high number of two-dimensional views (e.g. good-bad / right-wrong), you will evolve to a three-dimensional, or sculptural view of the world. In this perspective, all views are right, and necessary. The individual encaustic images add to the overall first global sculpture that is WEARTH.

In the first part of WEARTH # 1, about placements will happen. Whenever in this huge stretch we canʼt find a human being to patronize a wax brick, or individual encaustic painting, this individual piece will be placed in nature as a landart sculpture, and of course be documented. The overall sculpture is not only to connect humans of various cultures and backgrounds, but serves also to connect humans to Earth. It is highly interesting to see how variate the different individuals will react within this co-creation.

This linking between human beings from different countries, cultures between themselves, and their place on this Earth will find its 360° media expression in film, in visual and literary portraying of the people, their stories and values, the individual waxbars in the landscape, preferably created with the people in the country. The result of this process will be shown in theaters, TV, and museums around the world. The total of the values of human will serve as a base for further anthropological and other scientific research.

If you wish to participate @WEARTH, you may contact us @ jkk (at) wearth (dot) eu

co-creation at its best !


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